Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014


middle of the week
and it feels like friday somehow.
i am also a bit weaklish
i think it is this weird weather.


i visited the library
one of the six (or five?)
of the 
university of applied science

and it was a blast.

i have to point it out 
i have never met nicer people
as those in all the libraries
here in turku.

i am always some kind of
an intruder/observer
[sometimes i do feel like that]
and everyone is welcoming me
and giving me all the insights
i would never get as a normal
patron or guest. 
i am always welcomed as
one of them.
which is suprising and makes
the most fun of my staying
[also thank you finnish keybord 
now i always tipe the "y" wrong!]

i do also meet a lot of 
remarkable women!
[and also men]

so thank you very much
for today!

maeh sorry for the lack of photos
here are two 
todays morning sun
and todays sunset
oh boy, i do adore weathersituations
way too much.


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