Montag, 20. Oktober 2014

.half time

yes, the first 4 weeks are done.
4 more to go.

and you know that i spent
the last week at Teutori
and i do still owe you pictures
there they are

i think that the library has a special charm
i loved it there
it is a really nice work environment
whit a lot of working spaces for the students
it is also worth a visit.


during my week a had a projet
to prepare a display cabinet / vitrine
with a co worker, sanna,
on Patrick Modiano, the Nobelprize Winner of 2014

here are a few pictures of that.
it was a nice work to prepare it and 
to fill the vitrine.

.this is the finnished vitrine

so teutori was a lot of fun
thank you for having me!

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