Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

.time flies

- and i am not really sure if this
common german expression also works
in english.


this week i am at the teutori library
which is pretty neat and i have
to make some more pictures
because it is brand new and located 
at an old building which was
a shoe factory before.

i am doing all the smal works 
like labeling books and journal folder
and getting to know the staff
which are all really nice and funny
everyone here is taking such good
care of me! 

i am also doing a exhibition shelf
- well more a display cabinet 
with sana, on patrick modiano
the nobel price winner.
that is a really nice work
we looked up all the books, the libraries
have in stock
and tomorrow we will be decorating
the cabinet
only the pictures are quite uneasy to find
because of the publishing rights...
i will show pictures when we are ready.


the weather changed a bit, it is getting
colder and i bought some sweaters
i am also counting days since i am
expecting a visitor. (actually two
and not at the same time, ha)

so far, i could not be happier.
always good days ahead.

ola hyvää.


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