Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2014

.third week

it is already wednesday or wet-ness-day.
its raining cats and dogs and i am crossing my fingers
because tomorrow should be a mushroom picking
with some of the library staff.
but if it rains, well than i will be very p - iiiiep.
fingers crossed!

so i spent the last three days
at juslenia, there at the department for
the FENNICA collection

those days were full of information
and also full of history lessons and also
full of books. 
very old books!

FENNICA is called the collection
which is based on the donations from very 
famous thinker and politicians 
[for example a former president
mr. paasikivi, left his private library 
to the university library of turku]
this is showen through his very own exlibris
every book from this collection has it.
but FENNICA is not only based on those
donations also
is the turku university library one of the
six national deposit libraries.
this means that everything [and weirdly
for real - everything]
which is printed within finnland has to 
be given to those libraries.
for that turku university library has
one of the largest collections of books
and journals. 
here is a nice link for more information

today i also learned what a incunable is.
it is a book which is printed before or 
around 1450 -1500
yeah - i know!
and they have 17 of them. 
it was a bit like christmas for me.
of course - there are pictures attached.

i also learned a lot about the history 
of turku and finnland and its library history
because i think that panu turunen, who is 
as special librarien of Fennica, 
and alos a very versed and very well read man.
i am very thankfull for the last three days
which were a bit different, since everyone
is looking into the the future with all 
those changes
but - sometimes there is a need
to also look back
and cherish the knowledge of others.

kiitos hyvää panu!

i should also mention that panu speaks
a hell good german, so i had the best
three days also in that way!

.there are so many exlibris to discover

.this is actually the most significant sign of an incunable

.this is a papyrus

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