Dienstag, 4. November 2014

final days.

it is getting so dark
so early
and this is not even the real darkness
and it is getting me
i am very tired - after work (of course!)
thank god
the economics library
has those fancy 
sunlight lamps
(and i am thinking about 
buying me my own one
when i am back in berlin)

so those are the last two weeks
- yes - six weeks are already done!
i am at the school of economics
i like it there
it is a bit like my home library
- no ofence though 
beause all libraries are
a bit like home 
i am always very much welcomed
and i like to work everywhere
so i am doing daily business
and customer desk hours
and i am also working on a 
excel sheet, which i like
because it is researching work

so - i am very happy
but also a bit sad

ola hyvää.

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