Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

.second week

so my week at the library of the
school of economics was
quite a accomplishment.
it was a lot of routine work, 
circulation desk hours 
[where i am not alone, since
finnish is the spoken language 
but i tried to help as much
as i could]
and book shelving [obviously this 
is a running gag]
and closed storage orders.

i trained a lot on the voyeger 
library system. which is kind
of self-explanatory but still new
to me. so mostyl i try to observe
while being at the circulation desk.

i also participated in a staff meeting
on friday
where i could intruduce my 
apprenticeship as a proffesional in
media and informationservices
via a power point presentation.
[boy was i nervous]
but it went well.
and afterwards juha hartikainen
went to the book fare with me.
that was a lot of fun.
mainly because there was also 
a food fare - we tried all! the food.

and today we were at the castle
of turku, juha and me.
we had the best weather and so so 
much fun!

kiitoy hyvää juha!

he is the best guide i could wish for
"this was a defence castle
not a party castle, the party castle
is further in"

enclosed i few picture i took
during this week.

hyvää sunnuntai.

.school of economics

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