Montag, 27. Oktober 2014

.hi monday

and i know
the posts are getting less
i had a visitor 
therefore i was occupied

we went ice swimming with juha,
he also took us to russialo
on a very stormy saturday
[and i realised i have to go there again!
and for real this time]
we also went shopping, 
we drank tons of coffe
and hot chocolate
and we ate way too much pizza

and everything without pictures
because my phone is slowly dying 
and quitting his job 
and my camera broke two weeks ago.

but we had a relly good weekend
(it made me miss home so much more!)

this week i am at the educarium
and it feels very familiar
i like it here,
very much.

and i am off to bookshelving

have a good start into the week!

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