Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2014

.kiitos hyvää

after using this expression inflationary
as an upgraded thank you
therefore meaning thank you very much
i was told that i am using it wrong.
well i used it in several - all - 
you only use this expression when 
you are asked mitä kuuluu [how are you]
well i have learned something.
kiitos leena ;)

so this week is full of researching
i do so much research on patrick modiano
that i can finally remember his name 
without a blink
and i also participated a research lesson
for med master students.
i still love those research guides!
they are of so much worth - they do all the work for you!

tomorrow we will finish the display cabinet
and i will make some more pictures
and i will also post them

i can only point out - again and always
that the staff[s] of all the libraries are
so so funny, nice and helpfull
i am very happy to be here 
even though i am constantly freezin, ha.
but come on - it is now -3 degrees. 


hyvää iltaa 
[no, i did not knew that, yes, i still have to look that up
poorly. i know]

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