Samstag, 20. September 2014


hei turku

so i arrived save, i flew over helsinki where the weather was
as nice as it is in turku. then i arrived here where i found
my destination way quicker than usual for me. suprise
(i call that a really good start, given that my luggage is
almost as heavy as me - nah, not really but 20kg is a lot!)

i walked a bit through turku, just to get an first impression
and to find a grocery store and 
now i am staying at a nice bed & breakfast called tuure
where the host is really helpful and nice and patient and where
the wi-fi works pretty fast.

tomorrow i will explore the city and search for the campus,
the library and i hope i will find them as fast as todays
b&b. ha. pictures are coming.

also since julia, from my school, is here in finland too, 
she is in helsinki
go and check her blog as well!

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