Dienstag, 23. September 2014

.second day at work

i had the best introduction into the librarys internet appereance.
i learnd a lot today!
Even though i started with the usual - shelfing the books 
[but its still my favorite, ha. and i also learned the other signatures today.
yay more shelfing]
i had then a meeting with katja halonen
one of the information specialists at the library of the educarium.
she showed me how to do the basic research for books, journals and electronic media via volter, the advanced research, research for online media and databases via neli portal and most of all
the research guides which they invented last year.
these guides are worth a look! [here] because if you are working on any
paper or thesis in any subject there are tips and louds of informations on
how to search for relevant articels and books, journals and of course databases.
[you do not need google scholar! but there are even other searchingmachines mentioned,
yeah there are others than google!]
but these guides can do so much more! they also show you the newest books, relevant articles and the newest databases! 
handpicked from the library staff.
and everything in an easy understandable way. 
yes that is real enthusiasm! (obviously i am a liabrary assistant by heart.)

i also got an offer to do a languge course. sure that! 
so maybe i will learn finnish afterall.

so long - hyvää yötä! [good night.]

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