Sonntag, 21. September 2014

.turku day

turku celebrated itself today 
with a lots of festivities like markets
free entrences to museums and
open shops.

and i took a few pictures while i was
searching for my first destination tomorrow.

since i have the worst orientation, 
or none at all 
it felt like dahlem dorf fot the first time
all over again.
there are similarities!

i am a bit excited and i am looking forward
to tomorrow
(the day will still be stressful, i have to move
first of all, i have to get my key, find TYS for
that and then i have to get my luggage (still 20 kg!)
and move over to the student village. yay.)

so here are a few pictures.

hyvää iltaa! [have a good evening]

.turku airport
.turku cathedral

.turku cathedral
.university of turku (campus)
.and a nice thing i saw today

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