Montag, 22. September 2014

.my first day

all in all
the finnish people are amazingly friendly.
that is a blessing.

i am now at my own room at a shared
apartment with two girls from finland.

and there was so much help form the staff

of the library for education & social science [educarium]
kiitos hyvää!!!
[i do not know how i would have done it on my own]

and my first day there - pretty good!
they made me feel very welcome and showed 
me around, explained me the first steps and
the building, the cafeteria and all
i have got my own staffaccount and an
emailaddress with an - ending! 
and of course i hade to work - putting
books back in stock. that is still one of my 
favorite things to do in any library
and something you know by heart.
[and also pretty quick.]

tomorrow i will meet a coworker who is 
an information specialist and she will show me
how to use the data base correctly and doing proper
research so that i can work at the circulation desk.

since i was super busy today getting everything
in the right place i did not take any pictures plus
it was raining dogs.

nähdään [bis bald!]


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