Samstag, 27. September 2014

.first week


it was a week full of kindness and knowledge.
i am so glad that i have this opportunity.

thursday and friday were quite full with 
louds of work. 
i was at the cataloging section at the
juslenia and we [anne-marie and i] figured out 
that there are similarities but also differences
in our systems
therefore a lot to learn.
hinting RDA [ Rescource Description and Acces]

friday started with a festivity
cake & sprakling wine
but also a bit of awe.
when a colleague retire
than there are always mixed feelings.
but it was a honor to be a part of it
kiitos hyvää.

condensed - they make me feel like one of them
very welcomed.
[and i am looking forward to my finnish course!]

now i am off for my weekend
hyvää viikonlopu! 

oh and enclosed
that is me.


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