Mittwoch, 24. September 2014

.day 3

so much insight!
i am very much impressed with the way the library staff
treats me. they show me everything, repeat everything
as often as i need it and most of all i am getting huge
knowledgebatches. i am enjoying every bit of it.

today i had a special hour with another informationspecialist
anu valtari she is responsible for the business and economics
research guide [among others] so she showed me today
how she gives courses to master students on researching for their 
master thesis papers.
gaining so much knowledge, yay! i do deepen my own researching
skills every day more and more.

i also had my first circulation desk hour - well i participated
but everyone is really encouraging me even though i do 
not speek finnish. i always try to say first, that i do only
speak english and everyone is taking it really good! 

in the afternoon i had a little meeting with the 
head of discipline specific library mr. jukka rantasaari.
he is also responsible for me during my internship
and he explained me the structure of the 
university libraries of turky and the oncoming changes
within the administration, management and organisation
of all the libraries of the university.
which was realy interesting seeing how they
will cope with all the changes within the information
services and digital media and how they want to provide
and strenghen the service offer.

well as you can read - i am doing really good over here.
proof of that - my walk to work today - enjoy.


.there will be more picture from the libraries!

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