Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

.library hopping

during my last days
i am still working
on the german genera collection
which i try to evaluate
this is a pretty cool work
and i am also doing 
some service desk hours
we do also all kind of fun stuff!

yesterday, marjatta took me
to see the libraries of the Åbo Akademi
this is the swedish [speaking] University
in Turku
i had no idea how big this University
and its libraries is.
it is a bit like, the one half of Turkus innercity
belongs to the finnish University
and the other to the swedish. ha.
it was really interesting to see those facilities
[but i am even more happy
that i ended up at the 'right' one. hihi] 
i did not made any pictures 
i will do some on friday. well on friday
i will be doing tons of pictures i hope
i can show you the nicest staff [all of them
or at least the majority]
i met here

oh i am getting sentimental!

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